Data rooms: one-stop tool for efficient work | Datasite

Want to better manage the organization? Ready to employ modern solutions and equipment, but still not decided the ones? Then you should definitely know about the dataroom. This is certainly a very simple and versatile tool. And also its particular effectiveness had been confirmed simply by its use in the market. Development Features - Your brand new Features The datasite is a cloud storage that provides many work at home opportunities in a wide variety of areas. First of all, you can dependably store business or corporate and business data. Additionally, you can do the job productively with all the documentation. Third, organizing the project of the team will be less difficult and more efficient. Fourth, interaction with lovers is completely...

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serbian women for marriage

If you are actually scanning the very best mail order sites to get yourself a Serbian new bride. Serbian new brides are an excellent choice for you. They are actually attractive women that are actually just as smart at the same time. We have actually suggested a few web sites where serbian dating site in usa are actually seeking a great male to devote the rest of their lives along with. Obviously, there are actually women around the globe that are actually appealing and also brilliant. Having said that, there are actually particular personality characteristics that establishthese women in addition to the remainder. Features of Serbian bride-to-bes Serbian women are actually strikingly sensational, that stick out from the group as...

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What Тype of Мother Аre You And Why Is That So Important?

Although living in the same historic times, every mother is a little different from the other. They have different lifestyle, different education, family and social status, different psycho-social climate, but they still have one thing in common-they are mothers. Apart from their maternal duties, their life is filled with dozens of tasks they must fulfill each day. Some still go through the educational stage of their life, others have already gone back to work. But they are all fully “armed” with various electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and they can’t live without the Net… The little child wants “what is his”-not only food, clothing and a stroll in the park, but more than anything- he wants mom to pay...

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Things You Can Do To Prevent Child Obesity

prevent child obesity

Things you can do to prevent child obesity! In terms of mocking and bullying the highest percentage of children bullied at school are overweight and obese. This is very sad as not only these kids suffer from being bullied, but also from having this excess weight, which worsens their health. Your child is completely dependent on you. He doesn’t think about his appearance, his body, his intellect, just because his life depends on the desires, ideas and actions of his mom and dad. At the age of 5, there comes a moment when the child exits the baby world and starts to look around himself. He realizes that people look different and there are such that are way too different....

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The Two Sides of Child Aggression


You put a lot of effort into keeping the peace and harmony in the relationships your kids create at school, nevertheless aggression is a fact and your child may become subject to it. What can we do in this case? The first thing that comes to mind is distinguishing between playing it rough and the actual bullying. Bullying consist of continuing and constant actions, causing physical and mental harm to somebody, who is not in the position to defend themselves: repeated pocket money theft, mockery and inappropriate jokes, and sometimes beating. In the last 20 years bullying is taken online, where the use of Internet and the mobile devices- offensive and nasty messages and posts sent through text messaging platforms,...

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12 Certain Signs You Are An Emotionally Insecure Parent


Emotional instability is a reflection of our past and the way our parents treated us. All kids are supposed to live by certain norms defined by the parents and society. They put pressure on everyone to act certain ways, behave well, get good marks at school, get a job, get married, have kids…That is why parents tend to act like dictators pressing their rules on the little minds that want to flourish their own way, be free, creative and brilliant. With time, technology develops (which is actually supposed to make our lives easier), and the number of requirements children are supposed to adhere to rises, instead of decline. In many cases the inability of the child to adhere to these...

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The 5 Types of Moms and 5 Types of Kids


While mom and dad are trying to perform the art of partnership, their child “soaks” everything positive and negative from their characters. Kids don't get to pick their parents. They just grow up. Life begins with mom. Every mom is different. Mom could be good, strict, fair, active…. Describing all types of moms is not possible, as every person, woman, child is different, but there are a few types that can be distinguished and one mom can have features from more than one type. So, what type of mother are You? Do you see any resemblance? The Tyrant Mom Her kid tries to follow orders from dusk till dawn, while most of the time she is not satisfied with his...

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A Few Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Kids


You are probably the type of parent, who would never speak to their child like that. Or you are someone who would use one of these expressions once or twice during their parenthood. It may happen in a time when you feel lost, pissed off, frustrated or hopeless. One thing is certain. None of us would intentionally use these expressions without later feeling guilty for the rest of their lives. Don’t offend your kids or call them names. They will believe it. Never tell your kids they are lazy (stupid, fat). Otherwise, they will justify your deepest fears. Don’t use offensive words about yourself. They will believe what you say. Never speak out loud to yourself saying: ”I am such...

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Traditional Medicine Recipes Containing Various Types of Honey


  Now that you know more about the benefits from including honey in your diet  here are some recipes used for treatment by different cultures around the world. They seem a bit strange, but they have been used for these conditions for hundreds of years. They are completely harmless as combine honey with natural herbs or fruit.   Tonsillitis Finely minced onion is mixed with thyme honey in a 1:1 ratio. For example, a cup of onion is mixed with a cup of honey. Take 1 tsp of the mixture 3-4 times a day around 15-20 min before a meal. Atherosclerosis A cup of chestnut honey is mixed with a cup of freshly squeezed garlic juice. Take 1 tbsp 3...

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A Message From My Toddler


Please don’t spoil me! It is clear to me that I won’t have anything I want. Please don’t be afraid to be a strict parent. That is how I know somebody takes care of me. Please don’t use force to make me do tasks. That will teach me that I could apply force to achieve goals. I will react better if you give me advice. Please don’t be inconsequential. That is confusing to me and makes me avoid responsibilities. Please don’t give empty promises. You might not be able to fulfill your promise and I might lose my trust in you. Please don’t trust my silly provoking behaviors, when I do this, it is only to piss you off. Please...

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Some Important Sun Exposure Tips, The Kids and The Sun


Summertime and the living is easy…  Summer break over? Where did you spend your days or weeks off? Ocean? Mountain? National parks? The choices are endless. Wherever you go, the summer offers plenty of sunshine. No matter the vacation plan, the summer sun blasts us with UV rays and heat and we should not spend a long time unprotected. The scientific proof regarding the negative impact of the sun rays reveals the huge threat we are facing when exposing ourselves and our children to the deadly sun. Kids’ skin is very delicate and it should stay this way, so it is the parents’ task to self-educate, consult experts, figure out ways to prevent sunburn, or if that happens find the...

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Honey-A Complex And Exotic Food


The taste and dietary qualities of honey are known to the humans since ancient times. Today honey is classified as a super food due to its multiple positive qualities concentrated in such a small volume of the substance. The ancients of the Vedic civilization considered honey one of nature's most remarkable gifts to mankind. The ancient Persian doctor Avicenna recommended honey as a food that increases the lifespan and the work efficiency. According to Avicenna honey keeps people youthful, sharpens the mind and restores the memory. The ancient Greeks adored honey, considering it a highly important nutritional element, which has even impacted their mythology. Ambrose- the food of the gods is a mixture of honey and milk. In England, mead...

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7 Approaches To Limiting Your Kid’s Excitement Over Horrible Packaged Junk Food


While your kids are young you are the one to decide what, when and how to feed them.  A 4 year-old needs to have 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. That means that while you still can, you should be creative in your attempts to offer healthy food choices to your kids, as there will come a time when you will clearly be unable to dominate your kids’ wishes and desires. Watch out, temptation is everywhere. Food industry isn’t helping either. With all junky food’s shiny, colorful packages, food coloring and sugar added to everything, they attract the attention of the little minds, who are in the process of getting opened to the temptations the world can offer. It...

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6 Reasons To Take Your Kids To A National Park This Summer

        I was so fortunate to have lived and worked in a national park, I have to tell you, it changed my life. I cherish every moment and will never forget it. Waking up in the mornings was so easy, I didn’t need an alarm clock. The air smelled like pines and fresh coffee. Each day I felt so fortunate to be there. The days were long and happy and in the evenings we watched the sunset above the trees. The night sky was the darkest and the stars were the brightest. Yellowstone, Yosemite, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, the possibilities are endless. USA proudly owns the greatest diversity in nature and wildlife and it is hugely important to take...

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Pros And Cons of The Rewards© Part 2


Why do we have to make our children listen at all, why should we impose tasks on the little minds and require them to perform things? In search of alternatives to the approaches of raising our children, many parents fall into the opposite extreme – they require nothing from their kids. Like we already said, picking black or white is often a dangerous task. Yes, it is better to secure the child’s cooperation, but even with the most harmonious relationships there comes a time when the child firmly says “No”, and when the parent has to decide whether to uphold their rule, or postpone their requirement until the moment the child would be more kindly disposed and willing to perform...

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Pros And Cons of The Rewards© Part 1


Recently there have been many discussions and opinions expressed about whether it is good or not to use external stimulus or rewards to motivate our children, and for that reason I decided to write this article. This topic is as big as the one on whether we should use punishments as a parenting tool. As with most things in life, between the solid “yes” or “no”, or between black and white, there is an infinite number of shades. In order for anyone to evaluate and decide on the education of their child, they need to examine the issue in depth. We have to outline the fact that when we talk about rewards we don’t only mean material things. A reward...

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Just Breathe-You Are A Good Mother©


For some time now your kid has been misbehaving and it is becoming very difficult for you to find a solution for the way he/she acts. You come up with various action plans in order to solve the problem, but the result is nil. You share your “pleasant” experiences with your neighbor, who gives you some wonderful “tested” solutions, but once you implement them, it turns out that they are inapplicable for your offspring. The problem is discussed with the grandparents, and they tell you how the same child, who misbehaves with you, is a perfect little angel for them. (Well, it is true that these grandparents have told some horror stories about their own children – you or your...

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Punishments-A Sensitive Area© Part 2


And why is punishment useless? First of all, the penalty is based on the mistaken idea that if you make a person feel bad, they will start to behave. Second, it shifts the focus. It facilitates the children to forget their mistake and focus on how wrong their parents are; they begin to misbehave in case they are not threatened with punishment; the kids think about ways to “return the favor” (think of new ways to make their parents angry), instead of grasping the idea that they did something to cause this punishment. Third, the child has a sort of internal accounting; according to them the punishment “redeems” the mistake: he or she knows that if they behave the same way...

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Punishments-A Sensitive Area© Part 1


 “You are grounded.” A line said by most parents. Believe it or not, the fact that you use it means that you actually care. It is clear that when children do something wrong, parent should not sit still. The question is how effective punishments actually are, what consequences do they have, and is there an alternative? When I have a discussion with parents on this topic, I ask “What is your goal when you punish your children?”. Usually the first answers are “To get them to listen to us”. “And do they start to listen? ” is the next question. About 95 per cent of the parents answer “No”. It seems clear to all of us that punishments are not...

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Your Attention Is Precious To Your Kids© Part 2


Is the bad behavior of the child caused by their need for attention? How do we distinguish whether this is a “power struggle” or not, for example? The child’s tool for “diagnosis” is observing the feelings of the parent. So think for a second, “How do I feel at that moment?” If your child behaves badly because he or she needs attention, the main feelings that awaken in you are irritation, annoyance, and sometimes anger. Your anger diminishes and usually passes, as the child temporarily stops with their irritating behavior after receiving a dose of attention, though in a while the same starts again. Furthermore, the parent usually uses attention in the form of assistance (tie the shoes), mutters, remarks. From your child’s...

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